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Applying for Grants and Funding for Your Not-for-Profit Organisation

Navigating the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) can be a daunting task, especially for not-for-profit (NFP) organizations. This guide aims to simplify the ATO‘s tax reporting obligations, providing clarity on the essential aspects that NFPs need to comprehend.

Best Practices for NFP Grant Application

Applying for grants and funding demands thorough planning and preparation. Here are some vital tips to steer your organisation through the process:

Research Funding Opportunities

Begin by exploring potential grant options from government bodies, philanthropic organisations, and corporate sponsors. Identify programs that align with your organisation’s mission and goals.

Review Eligibility Criteria

Carefully examine the eligibility criteria outlined by each funding opportunity. Ensure your organisation meets all requirements, including legal structure, location, and project focus.

Develop a Compelling Proposal

Create a clear and concise grant proposal that effectively communicates your organisation’s mission, objectives, and intended outcomes. Tailor your proposal to address the specific requirements and priorities of the funding opportunity.


FBT Exemptions Unveiled:

Certain benefits provided to employees or associates might usually attract fringe benefits tax (FBT). However, NFPs often get a pass on this – yet another benefit to cherish. Just remember to keep track of those benefits.

Budget Planning

Prepare a detailed budget outlining projected expenses for your proposed project or program. Justify fund allocation and demonstrate fiscal responsibility.

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Demonstrate Impact

Highlight the potential impact and benefits of your project or program on the target population or community. Provide evidence of past successes and outcomes achieved by your organisation.

Follow Application Instructions

Adhere to the application instructions provided by the funding opportunity. Submit all required documents and forms by the specified deadline. Review your application for errors or omissions.

Engage Stakeholders

Involve key stakeholders, including board members, staff, volunteers, and community partners, in the grant application process. Seek their input and support to strengthen your proposal and enhance credibility.


Securing grants and funding is a competitive process that demands strategic planning, clear communication, and dedicated effort. By adhering to these best practices, your not-for-profit organisation can enhance its prospects of successfully acquiring the financial resources necessary to further its mission and create a significant impact in the community. Maintain focus, persistence, and proactivity in pursuing funding opportunities aligned with your organisation’s objectives and values.

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